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i lost my number [entries|friends|calendar]

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hey hey [05 Mar 2006|12:54pm]
does anybody read these anymore???
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good to know someone's there... [22 May 2005|01:32pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Hi Sweetie,
Times are tough, but they'll get better. Just try to figure out what you want in your life and then try to figure out a way to make it happen. Nobody can change a single thing that has happened in the past- all we can do is try to learn from our mistakes and try to do better next time. You can be whatever you want, go where ever you want, do whatever you want--you just need to want it badly enough. Don't cry over spilled milk is the old saying MY mother used to use-- if you don't want to take MY advice, take hers! You can make it happen and I will help you if you will let me!! "nough said!!!! I love my little cutie!! Mom

e-mail from my mother.

i love that woman. more than anything.

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lately... [06 Apr 2005|10:23am]
[ mood | cranky ]

so, first thing's first...


im so happy that i dont work there anymore. even though i barely ever worked. haha but considering that fact, i think it was time to move on anyways. im going out to get a different job this week. carolyn told me to go to filene's, but i really dont want to work at the mall. im gonna go to friendly's because they're hiring servers, which means pay check plus tips. im also gonna try chili's and uno's. then i'll move on to stores and such. i figure since im going to culinary school, it might look really good if i can say that i worked at a restaurant. ya know? my friend courtney also told me about these bartending classes she's taking. she said they're really fun and that i should check it out. so i will. after i get a job and im working for a while, im gonna get a credit card or 2, so i can build up credit, then im going to get a car, and then i'll have all the credit i need to get an apartment. which brings me to my next subject...

im moving to florida this summer. my parents decided that they wanted to move there because 1-it's cheaper, 2-they're sick of cold weather, 3-they want to buy a house, and they want it to be in florida. at first, i really didnt want to go because i'd be leaving all of my friends and such, and i wouldnt know anyone there. but then i was talking to justin and his mom just moved to florida, and he hates every person in his family that's still here, so he's moving down there too. so this way, i'll know at least one person. i mean, im not sure if this is definite yet. although if i had to scale it, i'd say 90%. i've already been looking at jobs, apartments, and schools. im planning on going to the Culinary Institute of Florida, which will be good cuz i looooooove cooking. plus, they find you a job when you're done. im still undecided on how i feel about the whole situation. i mean, i really really REALLY want to go. i think it will be good for me to get away from this place. but at the same time, im really scared. i dont want to lose people that are important to me. im especially worried about leaving my crawfinator. but there's been talk around town that she's moving to florida when she graduates. i also dont want to leave holly. she might not be going. i dont really see where she has a choice though. she doesnt have enough money to live on her own right now. and then there's keesh and carolyn. they're really pissed off and sad that im going. and i dont want to leave them either. but i know no matter where i am, i'm still gonna remain friends with the true ones. and i'll be able to take road trips all the time to come visit. and people can take road trips to come party at my apartment. so this really isnt all bad. i hope. i really think that it will be for the better. tommy's also moving to florida because he's going to school down there. i'll be like 6 hours away from him though...but i'll just have to take road tips to see him too.

lkad;fljksl;fkjas;kldfja-------too much to think about right now.

i am so tired. there's 20 minutes left of school. im so excited because we go to school the rest of this week, next week, and the week after, and then it's vacation!!! then when i come back, there will only be about 2 months left and then its over. well, basically.

ok, im done here.

peath out.

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this little box pisses me off [18 Feb 2005|10:10am]
[ mood | crushed ]

i feel so "blah" lately. i think it's because i waste all of my time thinking about one person. talking to this one person. and now worrying about this one person. tell me how i LOVE being lied to. i just cant keep up with it anymore. im so sick of pushing people that i love away just to make sure that i dont upset him. and now all of this drug shit is happening...i think it might have been the biggest lie i've ever been told. and im trying not to worry. but i cant help it. it's his life, right? he can do whatever he wants. but it isnt that easy. people keep telling me that if that means more to him than me, then i should just forget about him. it isnt that easy. i cant just let this go. i cant let him go. but i have to. im not gonna sit around and wait for something bad to happen. i dont want to be around for that. so if he wants to choose that over me, then let him. yeah, it'll hurt, but there's nothing i can do about it. and i'll eventually get over it. i hope. no, i will. i can get over anything. some things just take longer than the rest.

mary and kim's grandmother died. the funerl is tomorrow. holly called out of work to go, and when i said something about calling out to go, she flipped out. so apparently i dont get to go to the funeral. i have to quit cvs. i know i only work one day a week and blah blah blah. but i cant stand working at the same place as my sister anymore. plus, i get paid shit, an if im going to be working, why waste my time for less than 7 dollars an hour? it doesnt make sense. im going to the funeral tomorrow. i'll just go into work late. holly can deal with it. she doesnt think that i should go in late cuz it will make her look bad. well, fuck that. i dont care. if anything, it will just make me look worse. which i dont care about, cuz im quitting anyways. i know, i know...i've been saying that for months. but i really am going to quit soon.

i have such a head ache. and im tired. i have a 2 hour detention after school today. yeah, on a friday...i would have done it yesterday, but carolyn had me switch it to today so that i'd be in the same one as her. but she somehow got out of it, so i will now be in detention for 2 hours by myself. OH HOORAY.

holly called emily. in knew she would eventually break. that pisses me off so bad. now it's me, alone, against her. everyone else is just fucking peachy with her now. whatever. i dont fucking care anymore. even if there were some small amount of chance that me and her would be friends again, it wouldnt happen because she'll try to make me pay for the "dent that i put in her car" HA. im sure i could dent somebody's car. in fact, me and justin both punhed the van as hard as we could and it did nothing. so maybe someone went home and needed to blame me for something so put a dent in her car herself. it ought to be interesting to see how she acts towards me at the funeral tomorrow.

im just so sick of dealing with people's crap.

having a girls night at jay's summer cottage tonight. should be fun.

thats all for now. a lot of ranting and raving. bitching and moaning.

thats what live journal's for, right?

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dunno... [12 Jan 2005|08:38am]
[ mood | cranky ]

hmmm...im in school and really bored. i hate this class. english 2, for 10th graders. failed it in 10th grade, so im taking it now. i hate the people in here. i wonder if i was this immature in 10th grade. probably. i wouldnt doubt it. but still. they piss me off.

so what have i been doing lately...mostly driving around. in fact, thats almost all i've been doing since i got my licence. been with justin everyday, but im not complaining. we have lots of fun. i love spending time with him. you'd think that after being with the same person everyday, you'd get sick of them. but i dont. which is weird. he's one of, if not the only person i can deal with ALL THE TIME. friday is his birthday. me, nathalia, katie, and crystal are all pretty much broke. so we're all gonna pitch in for justin to get his tongue pierced. im hopefully doing it the same night as him. im just worried about school and work and such. but screw that. yeah. im getting my tongue pierced friday. im spending most of the weekend with justin then sleeping over hector's house on sunday. (no school monday!!)]

speaking of work. im quitting cvs. im probably getting a job at lui lui's. katie works there and told me that she makes really good money from tips and such. so i think im gonna go there. if not there, then somewhere else. i refuse to stay at cvs. i work maybe one day a week and make 6.50 an hour. 6.50! rediculous. im outa there. i dont even want to go in today. i wish i could just not show up. but then that might make holly look bad. but who cares? its not like they're gonna fire her just because her little sister decided to walk out.

i dont know. but im peacin' out.

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